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Academy For Continued Hypnosis Education (International)

Academy For Continued Hypnosis Education teaches hypnotherapists to achieve higher standards of education, from newly qualified hypnotherapists to advanced level and specialist training courses. These training courses are held in the UK, USA & The Middle East.

Kim Manning, Medical Hypnotherapist Michigan and is well known in the USA & UK for giving comprehensive lectures. Kim is an accredited trainer (British) National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists and international speaker. Kim is founder and President of this academy and her ambition is to improve and enhance hypnosis techniques.

David Kato is a Clinical Hypnotherapist / Psycho-Analyst at the Bristol Hypnotherapy Depression Clinic. David is an accredited trainer with the NRAH and an international speaker. David is Vice President of this Academy and President of the CBT Association For Hypnotherapists.

The hypnotherapy training is ongoing through the year at different venues. The subject matter being diverse and set at different levels for the individual groups.

Training for hypnotherapists include:

The A.R.T. Of Hypnotherapy. Age Regression Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Hypno-Therapy (CBH)

Psychological Communication & Body Language

Any Questions' regarding hypnotherapy

Difficult Clients & Writing Scripts  

Hypnosis for Childbirth

Ante or Pre & Post Natal depression

Analytical & CBT

Anorexia, Bulimia, Eating Disorders

OCD course

Anxiety Fears & Phobias

Building Web Sites

Building Your Practice

The Psychology of Depression & Therapeutic Modalities

Sexual Dysfunction - Female

Sexual Dysfunction - Male

David Kato provides a hypnotherapy diploma course in the UK, in conjunction with Central England College.

Identifying normal dieting and abnormal eating disorders

by Kim Manning

APHP Conference Follow up from Hypnoversity Magazine 20

Kicking off the APHP conference on Saturday 27th October was Kim Manning from the U.S. Specialising in eating disorders, Kim described how constant and obsessive dieting can lead to eating disorders. Naked pictures of anorexic women were shown and as you might expect, were pretty shocking. But anorexia isn’t the only serious eating disorder, though it is the most likely to be fatal and is the most visually obvious. In our therapy rooms, we are more likely to see clients who binge, purge, starve or have other maladaptive eating patterns, or are simply trying to find a ‘magic’ diet

(hypnotherapy) that will help them to change how they look.

Of course what they really want is to change how they feel and believe changing their size or shape will do that.

There are a range of drivers behind disordered eating, with a positive intent such as soothing, numbing, anger,

self-destruction or discharge of tension operating at a deeper level. Some common characteristics can be

identified in clients who develop restrictive eating patterns and these are helpful to consider when working

with such issues. Therapists need to be mindful of their client’s need to be in control, when selecting or creating

scripts and also their impatience and desire for instant change.

Kim’s presentation was fascinating and the topic increasingly relevant in our image obsessed society.

Kim, president of the Academy for Continued Hypnosis Education (ACHE) works closely with David Kato who

also delivers training in Eating Disorders in the U.S. And UK.

Mail: kim@focusedsolutions.com

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